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Medico Legal Services

At Blackdown Psychology we are able and experienced in providing expert assessments in the following areas:

Family Law

We have many years of experience in providing assessments within Care Proceedings and in Private Law.

Our aim is to deliver reports to the Court in a timely manner (4 - 6 weeks from receiving instructions*)  in order to minimise the delay that is often associated with such assessments. 

We are able to offer evening and weekend appointments, when necessary, at no additional cost.

Our areas of expertise include;

  • Child and Parent Mental Health
  • Parenting Assessments
  • Family Dynamics
  • Assessments of Relationships
  • Assessment of Attachment
  • Contact and Residence issues

We offer these services in accordance with the rates specified by the Legal Services Commission.

Personal Injury

With psychologists qualified in both Clinical and Health Psychology, Blackdown Psychology is able to offer comprehensive psychological assessments relating to personal injury.

Cognitive Assessment

Blackdown Psychology is able to carry out comprehensive cognitive assessments of both adults and children, using the most up to date assessment tools.

If cognitive assessments are required in isolation, they can be carried out in minimal time and reports can be provided promptly.  We aim to complete such assessments in 2 - 4 weeks of instruction.

Psychological Intervention

We have experience in formulating and delivering psychological interventions relating to ongoing Court Proceedings.  Blackdown Psychology is able to deliver appropriate, timely interventions and can, if required, provide reports regarding the process of the intervention, the outcome of the intervention and the prognosis for the individual or family.

*Timescales will be agreed on an individual basis